VerveineC-Cpp (VerveineC in short) is a tool written in java that create a json or a mse file from C/C++ source code.

VerveineC is not as stable as VerveineJ, do not hesitate to contact us in case of problem

User Documentation

Developer Documentation


Download Eclipse

To install VerveineC, you need to clone it form VerveineC github repositiory. We advice you to contact us to know which branch is the best for now (probably famix-7).

# https
git clone

# ssh
git clone

VerveineC is in reality an eclipse plugin that will run in headless model. Thus, you will have to download eclipse (eclipse Version: 2022-06 should work perfectly).

Then, you’ll have to install the RCP Plug-In of eclipse and CDT.

Install RCP plug-in

To install the RCP Plug-In, in eclipse:

  • Help → Install New Software… → Choose The Eclipse Project Updates in field Work With → Filter for RCP Plug-In.
  • Select the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment
  • Perform the full install

Potential issue

Your eclipse might not have the exact same plugin preinstalled. In such a situation, you can search for equivalent plugin preinstalled, or install the plugin.

For instance, we had to change:

source target
org.junit.jupiter.api junit-jupiter-api

Export the plug-in

To export the plugin,

  • File > Export... > Plug-in Development > Deployable plug-ins and fragments > Next
  • Select the verveineC plugin and the root directory of your eclipse then Finish