FAST-Pharo is a FAST meta-model used to represent AST of a Pharo class, trait or method. It comes with a meta-model, an importer, and tools to manipulate and explore models.

FAST-Pharo meta-model

FAST-Pharo meta-model

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FAST-Pharo comes with an importer defined with the SmalltalkImporter based on PetitParser moose project parser. To install it, execute the following script:

It can take time

Metacello new
    baseline: 'FASTPharo';
    repository: 'github://moosetechnology/FAST-Pharo:v2/src';
    load: 'importer'.

This script installs the FAST project, the PetitParser project, the FAST-Pharo project, and all the dependencies.


The FAST-Pharo importer allows one to import AST of a method or of a class. To import method, one must use the method runWithSource:.

For example, the following script import the method testVisitInheritance of FamixMMUMLDocumentorVisitorTest


	new runWithSource:
		(FamixMMUMLDocumentorVisitorTest >> #testVisitInheritance)


One nice way to explore a FAST model is to use the source code and the tree extensions of the inspector. It allows one the navigate in a FAST model and see the code corresponding to each node.

To use it, execute the code to create a model with Ctrl+I. It opens an inspector on the imported model.

Then, select a method entity. On the right-hand pane of the inspector, select the Tree tab, on the left-hand pane, select the source code extension. The source code is highlighted and the area selected corresponds to the entity selected in the right-hand panel.

Example navigation in FAST