Fame is the meta-meta-model of Famix. In the following, we mainly present the Pharo implementation and usage of Fame.


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Main concepts

It consists of 6 main entities:

  1. Element — the root of the meta-model
  2. Package — a container that can contain Class, Trait, and Properties
  3. Type — an abstraction of Class and Trait
  4. Class — contained by Package. A Class might contains several Properties. A Class can have a superclass, subclasses, and use traits. Some Class are Constants.
  5. Trait — contained by Package. A Trait might contains several Properties. A Trait can be used by other Types and can use other Trait.
  6. Property — attached to a Type. Property has a value and a value type. It can have an opposite property that will be my miror. The type of a property is a Class


Fame defines 4 constants:

  1. Boolean — value can be true or false
  2. Number — value is a number. When exporting, consider using a float
  3. String — a common string.
  4. Object — a complex structure which is not part of any metamodel


Fame is implemented in the following programming languages:


The last stable version of Fame is always includeds in Moose. The project can be found in the packages prefixed with Fame-.

It is also possible to install Fame in a fresh Pharo image. To do so, execute the following script:

Metacello new
    githubUser: 'moosetechnology' project: 'Fame' commitish: 'v1.x.x' path: 'src';
    baseline: 'Fame';

Export / Import


Fame supports two file formats to export meta-models: MSE, and JSON.

The new JSON file format should be chosen preferably. It can use with the following script:

String streamContents: [ :writeStream | MyModel metamodel exportOn: writeStream usingPrinter: FMJSONPrinter ]

To export a model (or meta-model) in the mse format (for example, to use FameJava and VerveineJ), execute the following code:

'/path/to/file.mse' asFileReference writeStreamDo: [ :writeStream | MyModel metamodel exportOn: writeStream ]


It is also possible to import a Fame model from a JSON and a MSE file.

To import a model please use the following script:

"aMetamodel is a Fame Metamodel"
"Considering you want to import a FamixJavaModel"
"aMetamodel := FamixJavaModel new metamodel."
model := FMModel withMetamodel: aMetamodel.
importer := aBlock
        ((FMImporter model: model) autorizeDandlingReferencesAtEnd
"Replace FMJSONParser with FMMSEParser when importing a model stored in a MSE file"
            parser: FMJSONParser; 
            stream: aStream;
importer run.

When using a Moose image, some methods are implemented to simplify the script. For instance, one can use FamixJavaModel>>#importFromJSONStream: and FamixJavaModel>>#importFromMSEStream:.